Agenda* - 2019 Chicago Breast and Lymphedema Symposium

*subject to change

Friday October 18, 2019

7:00 AM Registration / Breakfast / Exhibits

Breast Oncology

7:45 AM Welcome & Introduction: David Chang, Nora Jaskowiak

8:00 AM Panel I: Breast Oncology : Moderator- Nora Jaskowiak

8:00 AM Emerging Technologies in Breast Imaging: Deepa Sheth

8:20 AM Update on Staging of Breast Cancer: Jennifer Tseng

8:40 AM What's New in Management of the Axilla: Katharine Yao

9:00 AM What's New in Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy and Hormonal Therapy: Rita Nanda

9:20 AM Refreshment Break

9:40 AM Genetics and Breast Cancer: Funmi Olopade

10:00 AM State of the Art in Radiation Therapy: Anne McCall

10:20 AM Oncologic Safety in Nipple-sparing Mastectomy: Jean Bao

10:40 AM Preservation and Recovery of Sexual Function After Breast Cancer Treatment: Stacy Lindau

11:00 AM Discussion/Q & A

11:20 AM Lunch

Breast Reconstruction

12:20 PM Panel II: Breast Reconstruction: Moderator- Rebecca Garza

12:40 PM Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction: Akhil Seth

1:00 PM Oncologic Issues in Transgender Top Surgery: Alison Shore

1:20 PM Update on Implant Reconstruction: Mark Sisco

1:40 PM Update on Autologous Breast Reconstruction: Rebecca Garza

2:00 PM Fat Grafting after Breast Cancer Treatment: Lawrence Iteld

2:20 PM Discussion/Q&A

2:40 PM Refreshment Break

Breast Cancer & Lymphedema

Panel III: Prevention of Lymphedema: Moderator- Amanda Silva

3:00 PM Assessing Lymphatic Function with Lymphoscintigraphy: Daniel Applebaum

3:20 PM Reverse Axillary Mapping to Prevent Lymphedema: Nora Jaskowiak

3:40 PM LYMPHA to Prevent Lymphedema: Rebecca Garza

4:00 PM Discussion/Q&A


4:30 PM Welcome Reception

Saturday October 19, 2019

7:00 AM Registration / Breakfast / Exhibits

8:00 AM Welcome & Introduction: David Chang

8:05 AM Welcome Remark: LERN Representative

8:20 AM Panel IV: Understanding the Lymphatic System: Moderator- David Chang

8:20 AM Understanding the Lymphatic System: Melody Swartz

8:40 AM Overview of Lymphedema: David Chang

9:00 AM Share of Story: Patient Advocate

9:20 AM Discussion/Q&A

9:40 AM Refreshment Break

10:00 AM Lymphedema Surgery: Moderator- David Chang

10:20 AM LVA Using Supermicrosurgery: Rebecca Garza

10:40 AM Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer: Amanda Silva

11:00 AM Combined Approach: David Chang

11:20 AM Share of Story: Patient Advocate

11:40 AM Discussion/Q&A

12:00 PM Lunch

1:00 PM Panel V: Update on Lymphedema Therapy: Moderator- Diane Davis

1:00 PM What's new in Lymphedema therapy?: Betsy Campione

1:20 PM Compression Pump: Does it Work?: Thomas Rosinski

1:40 PM Physical Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients: Megan Teele

2:00 PM Discussion/Q&A

2:20PM Refreshment Break

2:40 PM Interactive Patient Advocacy Session: Moderator- Rebecca Garza

Open Discussion/Q&A: All Faculty

3:30 PM Symposium Concludes